Deputy Indendant General and Intendant General

Welcome to the website for the Red Cross of Constantine North & East Yorkshire.  I hope that you will find it to be informative and will bring you up to date with Red Cross of Constantine matters that have recently taken place or are planned for the future.

People viewing this website probably fall into three categories:

  • To those who are “just looking”, I hope that this will give a little insight into another aspect of Freemasonry.  Your first step will be to join a Craft Lodge near to where you live and progress from there.
  • If you are already a Mason, you may be thinking of joining us now or, possibly, at some time in the future. Hopefully if you click on the section “Why Join?” in the menu, you will find answers to any queries that you may have.
  • If you are a member of the Order then I hope that this will become a regular website for you to visit to obtain details of news and upcoming events to enable you to place you masonic activities.

    Statue of Constantine with York Minster in the background

This website is also an administrative base for the workings of the Division where you will find details of our Conclaves, meetings, summonses, documents and details of social events.  The Red Cross of Constantine degree is a jewel in the orders of Freemasonry, quietly developing as a well-kept secret, to enable its members to play an active part in the workings of their Conclaves as well as the Division.

David Roach
Intendant General