Why Join?

Every Knight who joins the Red Cross of Constantine Degree will have his own views on why he joined and what they particularly enjoy about the Order.

Having spoken to many members, here are a few comments which crystallise this wonderful Order:-

  • "It enabled me to meet new Masonic friends with a different focus, bring a Christian Order."

  • "A different Lodge building and Lodge room to visit and explore, with different meals!"

  • "No sitting on the sideline as a new recruit. I was welcomed and encouraged to take part in future ceremonies immediately."

  • "The KHS Ceremony (reputed to be one of the finest in Freemasonry) really was something special. I am sure all Red Cross Knights can remember the day they took their KHS ceremony."

  • "I was really pleased to learn that I didn’t have to wait for several years for promotion after coming out of the Chair. Having had a good year, I was encouraged to take an active part in the Divisional team."

  • "Despite not having been a member very long, I was offered the opportunity to become part of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard. This enabled me to attend Enthronements (Installations) across the region as part of the team."

  • "Visiting lodges outside your own town can be limited in some orders, but the Red Cross of Constantine degree and other Christian Orders encourage you to visit."

  • "Like Ritual? You are encouraged to learn what you are comfortable with and you can also take part in the KHS ceremonies as part of the Division team that undertake this ceremony."

  • "I can`t quite put my finger on it ,but, there is something special about the Red Cross."


We hope that these comments will give you a flavour of the Red Cross fellowship.

If you would like more information, click on the "Leaflet" icon to download details of the history surrounding the order.

Any other question which you may have can be made by contacting, the Divisional Recorder or Deputy Intendant General by email with your query or phone number if you would just like an informal chat.