Sepulchre Guards

Following his success in battle after seeing the sign in the sky, Constantine elicited the help of his bishop, Eusebius, to form an order of knights with its members becoming bodyguard to the Sovereign of the Order.

This theme is carried forward in the Order by each Division having its own Sepulchre Guard to accompany and escort the Intendant General of the Division at Enthronement Ceremonies (Installations) and team visits.

The Sepulchre Guard are an important part of the Divisional structure and it allows the Intendant General to promote Junior Knights by becoming part of the Guard.

Operated with military approach by the Divisional Captain of the Guard, Guard members past and present develop a close bond which last the period of time.
Shortly North and East Yorkshire will be forming a Sepulchre Guard Association to hold meetings to improve sword drill and instruction. It is also hoped to encourage events.

The members of the Guard wear a collarette which is much prized and continues to be worn with pride after service on the Guard has finished.

The Guard play an important and integral part in the KHS ceremony as well as accompanying Intendant General to Enthronement Ceremonies.