Marks of the Order

Members are encouraged to use their Mark after their signature.

Grand SovereignMost Illustrious KnightM Ill Kt
Grand ViceroyRight Illustrious & Eminent KnightR Ill & E Kt
Knight Grand CrossRight Illustrious KnightR Ill Kt
Knight CommanderRight Illustrious KnightR Ill Kt
Intendant-GeneralRight Illustrious KnightR Ill Kt
Grand OfficersVery Illustrious KnightV Ill Kt
Grand OfficersIllustrious KnightIll Kt
Past SovereignPuissant KnightP Kt
SovereignMost Puissant KnightM P Kt
ViceroyEminent KnightEm Kt
EusabuisVenerable KnightV Kt
Knight CompanionsWorthy KnightW Kt